Shylo’s Mobile Cafe

Shylo’s Mobile Cafe

Our Executive Chef’s passion for cooking knows no boundaries. As a child, Trent Campbell wrote his first recipe when he was in the second grade. When all the other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, Trent was watching cooking shows such as “Yan Can Cook!” and “Julia Childs” and writing down recipes. At 15 years of age he started in the industry as a dishwasher, but through hard work and drive he was able to reach his lifelong goal as an Executive Chef. However, to complete this dream, there was one last step he was determined to take; to start his own creation, his own idea, his own business. Here he is, following through with his dreams!

Shylo’s Mobile Cafe



A group of Food Truck Owners working together to achieve the common goals of Clean, Safe, Committed, Reliable, and Charitable.


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