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Check out our members in action, dishing out morsels and servin’ up deliciousness! They’ve got a menu for every taste and a plate for every palate!

  • Yoshi's Japanese Grill
  • La Catrina
  • Nectar

Only The Best & Most Reliable Food Trucks Make The Cut!

Our concept is simple. We only allow the most committed, trusted and reliable food trucks in Utah to join our group. We have seen too many events where other trucks get scheduled for an event then cancel at the last minute, show up late or provide poor and or inadequate service. This leaves the organizers in a frenzy to find a replacement or frustrated with operations that fall short of a customers expectations.

This paints food trucks in a negative light and we aim to correct that perception.

Our goal is to demonstrate to the community that there is a group of professional food truck that are willing to do what they say when they say it. We have a wide variety of food trucks that bring a wide spectrum of experience. Sharing that experience with one another has created a vibrant community of trucks that continue to push each other to get better.If you have a complaint against any of our members, please let us know by filling out the form on our contact page. Please leave detailed information about what happened. We want our community of trucks to be the best in the state.


Want to join?

Are you interested in working with us? We love working with great food truck owners that serve up delicious food that we can be relied on. If this sounds like you, then reach out to us, and we’ll get started with the process of having you join our team of food trucks today!


A group of Food Truck Owners working together to achieve the common goals of Clean, Safe, Committed, Reliable, and Charitable.


Utah Food Truck CoOp.

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