See Our Delicious Foodtrucks

Check us out in action, dishing out morsels and servin’ up deliciousness! We’ve got a menu for every taste and a plate for every palate!

  • Smokin Star BBQ
    Smokin Star BBQ, which has perfected the art of slow-cooked meats.
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  • Yoshi's Japanese Grill
    Yoshi’s prides itself on their “From the Grill” and “Tempura” style of cooking.
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  • Fry Me To The Moon, SLC
    We offer homemade Navajo tacos, scones, and out of this world!
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  • Havana Eats
    Havana Eats is a food truck that offers a taste of Cuba right her in Salt Lake City.
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  • Monsieur Crepes
    We provide gourmet French Crêpes for any event.
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  • Umani Pizza
    The pizza that we serve, we take pride in giving you the best.
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  • Shylo’s Mobile Cafe
    Shylo's Mobile Café is Salt Lake City's one-stop shop for gourmet street cuisine!
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  • Komrades
    Komrades, a Salt Lake City food truck serving gourmet sandwiches around town.
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  • The Salty Pineapple
    The Salty Pineapple serves traditional Hawaiian BBQ with a spin!
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  • Jamaicas Kitchen
    Jamaica's Kitchen is bringing the flavors and vibe of authentic Jamaican food to Utah.
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  • The Cluck Truck
    The Cluck Truck is the work of Eli and Kwasi Foutz & Holly and James Cloyd.
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A group of Food Truck Owners working together to achieve the common goals of Clean, Safe, Committed, Reliable, and Charitable.


Utah Food Truck CoOp.

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